No shitcoins around these parts...

Very bullish on LRC. - Nov.13/2021

This crypto currency uses layer 2 Ethereum based protocols, essentially completely eliminating pesky fees when purchasing NFTs. I strongly believe the reason why NFTs have not taken off yet are due to these ridiculous gas fees. I mean come on, who wouldn't want a custom World of Warcraft mount, publicly owned by you on the blockchain. By using a protocol known as "zKrollups", Loopring is able to complete transactions at 10,000x the rate of ethereum, even ethereum founder Vitalek Buterin has said that zKrollups, specifically Loopring, will be the future of the digital financial market place, and even possibly the current fiat marketplace. Once ETH2.0 rolls around, transaction speeds will be multiplied by 100x once again. Once the GME partnership is announced with LRC, well... the sky is the limit from there. Loopring is currently the fastest growing crypto as of Nov.13/2021. This will have a shockingly powerful future. 

My position:

LRC - XXXX tokens - $0.54 average price per token

Pulled out at - $1.23 price per token is a great source of information. 

Gamestop/AMC, the true behemoth of the apes. - Nov.13/2021

Naked shorting, extremely fishy derivatives options chains, extreme bias from mainstream media begging us to sell, OTC exchange abuse, high frequency trading, the list rambles on forever. These two stocks are what represent my entire portfolio since January 2021, till the point of me writing this on November 2021. The squeeze has still not happened, shorts have not covered, and apes are not selling, all of these are proven statistic facts. I for one am not letting go of my golden tickets till these stocks reach levels never seen before, and I strongly believe this will come to fruition. I believe in the community around these stocks, and believe any doubters will inevitably be gagged, and most likely FOMO later on when this really does happen. I will never forget Robinhood and other brokerages restricting ONLY buying on January 27th 2021. That is absolutely unacceptable, and I truly believe all "apes" aka people holding these "meme stocks" will have their time very soon. Buy, Hodl, never fucking Sodl. This isn't your typical covid-19 everyone is an investor bullshit pump and dump, these stocks represent change in the US financial market. 

My position: 

AMC - XXX shares - $5 average price per share.

GME - XXX shares - $26.98 average price per share as well as are the two best sources of information.