Project: Cryptozens is a NFT project created completely by myself, all hand-drawn layers, and coded to randomly generate 9,679 unique Cryptozens. Each Cryptozen has their own individual traits, some much more rare than others. Find out more by clicking the photo above. This project was made entirely for fun/hobby purposes.

A 100% solo project created by proxy. Hand drawn and compiled.


Welcome to Cryptozens!

What is a Cryptozen you ask? Well, allow me to explain, (a fuckin scam) a Cryptozen is a digital non-fungible token or NFT that lives on the blockchain. When you purchase a Cryptozen off of a website such as, you are officially the registered owner of that NFT, though easily screenshotable, only you own the rights to the image, as proven by the blockchain. 

There are 9679 Cryptozens in existence, all randomly generated with different rarities and traits. Here are the traits below, including their odds.

Here are the way rarities work, for example. we have Body#1, Body#4, Body#5, Body#15, and Body#75, what this indicates is that Body#1 has a chance of 1 to randomly generate. Body#4 has a 4x greater chance of generating than body one. Body#5 has a 5x greater chance of generating than body one. Body#15 has a 15x greater chance of generating compared to body#1, and so-on and so-forth. Meaning, the greater the number, the higher the chance it has of spawning.